Guesmone FC Football School

Guesmone FC Football School Ivory Coast

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    The Guesmone Football School Ivory Coast at its head Mr Gueye Essemone Kevin has a competent and experienced staff in order to allow young academics to understand and adapt to the world they live in.

    If football is the dominant element in the device, ' football school did not neglect the human and pedagogical supervision in order to provide young people with a balanced training in sports and intellectuals .

    Members of Guesmone FC Football School

    Organigrame, staff , dirigeant de Guesmone FC

    Special advisers:

    Gueye Bernard
    bakary syllable
    Doh fortune
    Guei seraphin
    Zeba hubertine
    Ako Stephan
    Kouamé Kouadio Leon

    General Secretariat: Kouyate ousmane
    Treasurer General: Sylla mahouba
    Deputy General Treasurer: Atche bozo erneste
    Statutory Auditors: Ake agba leonard, Sylla bintou


    Niodot marcelin
    Tayé omer
    kla hervé narcissus

    Technical Framing

    Head Coach: Gosse Kipré Joel
    Assistant Coach: Mao alain
    Guardian Coach: Guei thomas
    Doctor: Doctor Bonao saX

    School Supervision

    Letter teacher: Emmanuel Kouassi
    Science teacher: Yohou henry
    Language teacher: Timite Latif Karamoko
    Primary Teacher: Gueye Kenoe Armel


    cooker: Ms. Odile
    Gardener: Hebrotie Fabris